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At Worthy Boutique, the complete satisfaction of our customers is always a top priority. Check out some of our frequently asked questions below, and feel free to get in touch if you need additional information.

Q. Why do we have so many rules?

A. Items that take up space in the shop and do not sell, do not benefit us or you. When in doubt, please feel free
to give us a call at 250-439-8258 or e-mail us at

Q. May I bring in more than 40 items?

A. No. We will only look through 40 items.

The consignment area is small and gets congested. Please sort and count your items at home, not in the shop.
We really appreciate your understanding and cooperation. Our consignors find that once they go through the pile of clothing and pull out the worn items and the ones with missing buttons, and then pull out the brands that we cannot accept, they do not have much more than 30 items to bring at any given time.

Please note: that the 30 item limit is per consignment appointment not per season. ;)

Q. Do you pay me for my items on the day that I bring them to you?

A. No. Your items will be kept on consignment. After they sell, credit goes into your consignment account. You may
then use your credit or take a cheque.

Q. Do I need an appointment to bring items to you?

A. No.

Q. May I choose the prices that you will put on my consigned items?

A. Worthy Boutique prices all the items for the consignors. We do ask that you mention items that you feel were particularly expensive and let us know if you are expecting a considerable amount of money for an item.
We will let you know if your expectations are in the correct range.

Q. Does the money in my account ever expire?

A. Your credit-earned stays in your account until you use it to purchase items in the shop, and/or until you take a
payout. However, credit for any item that sold more than 2 years ago, remains available as a store credit but will
not be payable in cash.

Q. What happens to items that do not sell in the allotted 3-month period?

A. You can choose to donate the unsold items or you may come and pull them from our inventory.

Q. What happens to items that do
not sell in the first or second month?

A. Items will gradually be marked down by 20%

Q. What if I decide that I want to take an item back?

A. If you change your mind about a particular item that you have consigned, you may take that item back, as long
as it is unsold and on the floor for sale (this can be several weeks after you have left them with us.) Please note, we suggest that you do not consign an item until you are truly ready to let it find a new home. If you have an emotional attachment to an item, or if you have family and friends that can use it, we encourage you to hang on
those items.

Q. Will I make lots of money by cleaning out my closets and attic?

A. Well... you may make some money. However, we are all about re-using and recycling and about selling nice, up-to-date, clean, better-quality items at very reasonable prices.
Note: We do not sell collectibles or antiques, and we do not recommend buying things at yard sales and the local thrift stores for resale in the boutique.

Q. How should I prepare the items I want to sell?

A. We will only consider freshly laundered/cleaned items that are in style, and in demand. We ask you to look over
your freshly-washed items for missing buttons, stains, missing pieces, etc and to bring only 40-or-fewer clean,
like-new items for us to consider. Clothing does not need to be ironed but does need to be neatly folded.
Any smoke odor, mildew and pet hair will not be accepted. We also no longer accept clothing without clothing tags.

Q. How do I find out how much money is in my account?

A. You can log onto your account at Enter the location, the store, your account # and your last

Q. Can a customer put items on hold?

A. Unfortunately, we can no longer do this.

Worthy Boutique is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged items.

Thank you so much for consigning with us!
T xo

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